Lucas Hand Sign LOI With Kings

DAUPHIN, MB - The Dauphin Kings are excited to announce that Minnesota forward Lucas Hand has signed a Letter of Intent for the 2021-22 season!

Hand joins the Kings from St.Louis Park, Minnesota where he is currently playing with his hometown Orioles. Unlike the Manitoba Junior Hockey League, the season marches on in the Minnesota division of the USHS.

At 5'9 and 165 pounds the Minnesotan says he's really looking forward to coming north and playing for the Kings.

"I've been in Minnesota my whole life so this is a really cool opportunity for me to come and play in Dauphin. It seems like a great town and they really embrace the hockey team there and I'm excited to see that" says Hand. "I like to think I'm a great two way playmaker with great vision on the ice and I like to be creative" he added.

As mentioned the season continues for Hand and the St.Louis Park Orioles. Hand has 10 goals and 16 assists in just 10 contests. That total leads his team by over 10 points. He notes the season was condensed a little due to COVID-19.

"The season's been going good. We've only lost two games but they were very close and to our rivals but we've been doing really well and I'm just glad to be back on the ice" Hand says.

The Minnesota product is in a unique situation, returning from hip surgery which kept him off the ice all last season.

"Ya it was a long time. It was really hard for awhile cause hockey has been such a big part of my life. After talking with my family hockey was something that I really wanted to keep doing so I put in the time to get a lot bigger and stronger and I was really ready for the season this year."

Hand says he's hoping to make an immediate impact in the fall when he joins the Kings for the 2021-22 MJHL Season.

You can hear more from Hand below!

The Kings would like to welcome Lucas Hand and his family to Dauphin!


Hand On LOI