Kings Heading Back To School

DAUPHIN, MB - The Dauphin Kings are excited to return to local schools this week as part of their continued work inside the community and with the Dauphin Friendship Centre!

For the past number of seasons the Dauphin Kings and A&W Dauphin have teamed up along with the Dauphin Friendship Centre to help bring hot lunch to students in the Dauphin area. 

This year's school visits begin this Thursday (November 16th) and will continue every Thursday throughout the hockey season. 

"This is an important piece to our hockey season" says Kings Director of Marketing & Media Relations Christian Laughland. 

"Getting a chance to go into local schools and spend time with kids is an invaluable experience for both our players and the students in the community. From the players side they get to meet a lot of their fans and spend time with them during the day. For the kids some of them get to meet their heroes and see them up close when they might not get the chance otherwise."

The Kings' A&W School Visits also feature some giveaways including a free kids meal at A&W, tickets, merchandise and more!