Tractor Lotto Tickets On Sale Now

The 2021 Tractor Lotto is officially underway! Tickets are on sale now at https://tractorlotto.com/

The draw date for all draws, including the 50/50 add-on, is December 5, 2021. The prizes are as follows:

Draw 1 – 10: $1,000
Draw 11 & 12: $2,500
Draw 13 & 14: $5,000
Draw 15: $10,000
Draw 16: $100,000 credit towards a John Deere Tractor or $100,000 CASH!

The rules and regulations for this year’s lotto are below:

1. Main Draw – Deadline for ticket sales is at 7 pm on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The Grand Prize draw is to be made at 6 pm on December 5, 2021 at Credit Union place, 200 – 1st Street S.E., Dauphin, MB, following the Dauphin Kings game.

2. Every ticket holder has the right to witness the draw. All Tractor Lotto Tickets sold are eligible for the main draws (16).

3. Prizes unclaimed 60 days following the draw date will revert to become the property of the Dauphin Kings.

4. An adult must accompany children under the age of 18 if they win a prize.

5. Lottery Chairperson will not be eligible to enter draw.

6. All lottery rules set out by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba apply to this lottery.

7. The same name(s) / information must appear on all THREE PACK TICKETS. Group purchases permitted, however, all prizes will be awarded in the name of the primary holder, which is the first name appearing on the ticket. Group members must work out the details of payment and prize collection themselves. The Dauphin Kings Tractor Lotto Committee will play no role in settling any disputes related to group purchasers.

8. 50/50 add-ons must be ordered in conjunction with your Dauphin Kings tractor lotto ticket and must contain the same name(s) / information as your raffle ticket.

9. Ticket purchasers of the Tractor Lotto Supplementary Draw will be eligible to win only the 2022 John Deere S110 Lawn Tractors. They will be eligible to purchase the 50/50 “Add On” for the main draw.

There will also be a supplementary draw this year, with three 2022 John Deere S110 Lawn Tractors up for grabs. Tickets for the supplementary draw are $20 and can also be purchased here: https://tractorlotto.com/