Woolsey takes top spot this week

A tremendous performance from Keaton Woolsey has earned the 18-year-old this week’s first star in the Parkland Source for Sports Three Stars of the Week.

Woolsey was dominant on Saturday night, turning away 32 of the 33 shots he faced in a 5-1 win against Virden. After dropping his first game as a King, Woolsey has now won two straight games in net.

Earlier this month, Keaton turned away 47 shots in a win against OCN and he now has a very solid .935 save percentage.

2nd Star:

He’s only 16-years-old but the young man from Roblin is showing how lethal he can be in the offensive zone. Brayden DubeĀ has scored eight times in just seven games this season and one of his tallies was an overtime winner.

He scored three times this past weekend as he was named an MJHL Star of the Week and he also chucked in one assist.

Brayden has fit wonderfully on the team’s top line and he has proven time and time again that he can produce at an elite level at the junior level.

3rd Star:

Jeriah Shantz scored twice in the team’s JoFo Cup and he also had one preseason goal. But the former Brampton Bomber hadn’t scored a regular-season goal in the first 10 games of his time in Dauphin.

But that all changed when he hit the ice for game number 11. In Saturday’s 5-1 win against Virden, Shantz went five-hole on Ethan Kadatz as he recorded his first-ever regular-season goal with the Kings. His dad was also in attendance which made the goal that much more exciting.

Jeriah’s an elite player and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks out.