Trotz Comes Home With Stanley Cup

DAUPHIN, MB - In case you missed it the City of Dauphin hosted the return of Stanley Cup Champion Barry Trotz on Wednesday August 22nd.

The event was a complete success and the Kings would like to congratulate all the organizers and people involved with the festivities. It was a great day in Dauphin and will be remembered for years to come!

The afternoon saw the former Kings' player and coach in a parade down the north end of main street before arriving at Credit Union Place for a session of photos with himself and the cup for about four hours. He then headed out into the parking lot for a walk-around with the cup for fans and followed that up with a special meet & greet gathering.

In case you missed it, the 50/50 winning number was A-57350. The winner was Lindsay Agnew of Dauphin, she took homeĀ $2,367.50. Congratulations Lindsay!

We went around the internet and gathered a number of photos to share with fans from the day. Enjoy!