Having success at the AAA Midget level isn’t easy. Continuing that success at the Junior level is an even more difficult task. Dauphin’s Daniel Chartrand has already done the first. The Dauphin Kings are betting on the second. 

Growing up in Dauphin, Daniel Chartrand, has always known the Dauphin Kings. His favourite King growing up was a relative of his, Richard Chartrand. 

“Richard was my favourite because he is a relative of mine.” stated Chartrand. “We both have the same style of play. Hopefully I can just as many or more points than him.”

The Kings are hoping so too. Last season in 44 games with the Parkland Rangers, Chartrand had an impressive 58 points including 23 goals. He lead the Rangers in scoring and was fourth overall in the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League. 

“Daniel has the tools to be a very good junior hockey player.” said Kings Assistant Coach Marc Berry. “He likes to go to the net and has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. He’s got good feet and a deceptive release. We expect Daniel to go through some growing pains, the same as every first year player, but I have a feeling he’ll surprise some people.” 

Family is a big part of Chartrand’s life. He has two older brothers, and two older sisters. Obviously being a King would mean a lot to Chartrand. 

“I’d get to play close to home in front of family and friends.” said Chartrand. “Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to be a King. It’s a privilege to play here. It would mean a lot.”

Chartrand who works at Parkland Source for Sports is also a well know face in the community. 

“Away from the rink, I’m such a busy person.” said Chartrand. “I work, go to school and love to play other sports such as volleyball, badminton, baseball, rugby, track and so on. I also like to volunteer where ever and when ever I can. Aside from all that, I still find time to sit back and relax and enjoy time with family and friends.” 

Chartrand’s favourite NHL team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and his favourite player is Sidney Crosby. Red is his favourite colour and 16 is his number of choice. The MMA movie “Warrior” is his favourite movie.

Steak or Chicken – Chicken
Coke or Pepsi – Pepsi
Golf or Lake – Lake
iPhone or Blackberry – iPhone
TSN or Sportsnet – TSN
Country or Rock – Rap
Magazine or Book – Book
Call or Text – Call
Burger or Hot Dog – Neither

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