Local Lion – Part 12

When a scout sets out to evaluate a player they look at a lot of different player traits. How well does the player skate? What are his puck skills like? Can he see the ice and anticipate the play? Can he play with speed?

But maybe the most important trait that scouts look for is character. Is he a good teammate? Can he adapt to his role? Will he put the team ahead of personal gain?

Dauphin’s Tyler Derkach has the character the scouts look for.

“Derky’s a lot more versatile than I personally ever gave him credit for.” said Kings Assistant Coach Marc Berry. “We watched him a lot from bantam hockey on. Last season with the Parkland Rangers he was relied on to be a physical presence and provide offence and leadership. Which he did. What impressed me the most though, was when he was called up to play a few games as an AP. He changed and played a simple game. He finished his checks and was responsible in his own end. He knew what to do to be effective in those games. That shows a lot from a young player. He wants to be a King.”

With the Parkland Rangers last season, Derkach put up 31 points in 41 games including 16 goals as the Telus Cup Regional hosts. Never one to shy away from the heavy going, the Ranger’s Co-Captain, also racked up 80 minutes in penalties. Derkach also practiced with the Kings getting into one regular season game and three exhibition games.

Playing for the Kings has been a long time pursuit for the sone of Dave and Sherri Derkach.

“It would be a huge personal achievement.” said Derkach, “I’ve grown up idolizing the Kings and always wanting to play for them. I can play in my hometown and it would be a fun experience with the group of guys coming in.”

As for Derkach’s favourite King all time, he chose former sniper Ryan Dreger, a popular choice.

“Being from Dauphin, I knew him from before he played with the Kings. He was always a real nice guy and a great player”

When he’s not playing hockey, Derkach likes to hang out with his friends and enjoys playing xbox. A well rounded athlete, Derkach enjoys all sports especially squash. His favourite NHL team is the St.Louis Blues and his favourite player is the Philadelphia Flyers captain, Claude Giroux. King’s blue is Derkach’e favourite colour and he if he got to pick he wears number 22. Ironically his favourite movie is “22 Jump Street”.

Steak or Chicken – Steak
Coke or Pepsi – Coke
Golf or Lake – Lake
iPhone or Blackberry – iPhone
TSN or Sportsnet – TSN
Country or Rock – Country
Magazine or Book – Book
Call or Text – Text
Burger or Hot Dog – Burger

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