Kings Seek Athletic Therapist/Equipment Manager

The Dauphin Kings Junior Hockey Club of the MJHL is seeking an Athletic Therapist/Equipment Manager for the 2016-2017 season.

Requirements – CAT preferred, First Aid, CPR, Respect in Sport

Start Date – August 15th/2016
End Date – May 1st/2017 (Approx)

Job Description

• Skate sharpening.

• Implement an effective Emergency Action Plan with your team. 

• Recognize life-threatening and significant injuries, and be prepared to deal with serious injury.

• Manage minor injuries according to basic injury management principles and refer players to medical professionals when necessary.

• Recognize injuries that require a player to be removed from action. Refer players to medical professionals and coordinate return to play.

• Conduct regular checks of players’ equipment to ensure proper fit, protective quality and maintenance.

• Promote proper conditioning, warm-up, and cool down techniques as effective methods of injury prevention.

• Maintain accurate medical information files on all players and team officials and bring these to all team activities.

• Maintain a Player Injury Log.

• Maintain a fully stocked First Aid Kit.

• Facilitate communication with players, coaches, parents, physicians, therapists, paramedical personnel, officials and other volunteers regarding safety, injury prevention and player’s health status.

• Prepare home dressing room.

• Provides equipment duties during all home and away games and all practices.

• Oversees team laundry operation.

• Must be able to travel and maintain flexible hours including some holidays and weekends.

• Perform some office duties, including managing equipment inventory.

Salary will depend on experience.

Deadline to apply: Tuesday May 31st

Please submit resume to:

Marc Berry
Head Coach/GM
Dauphin Kings Junior A Hockey Club
O: 204.622.5460
E: dauphinkings@hotmail.com