Kings Looking To Season Ticket Holders

DAUPHIN, MB - With the current COVID-19 restrictions facing the Dauphin Kings the team is seeking out new ideas for ticket sales during the 2020-21 MJHL Season.

The team is now looking to Season Ticket Holders to help them out, when possible. For the rest of the year the Kings are hoping Season Ticket Holders will donate their tickets back to the club to re-sell to people that otherwise may be turned away at the door due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"Sometimes season ticket holders are not always able to make it to our home games. With that being said, if they know in advance and are willing to donate their tickets back to the club, we will sell them to fans that are looking to attend from a walk-up side" says Kings Director of Business Operations Christian Laughland.

With COVID-19 the opportunity to have a Rain Check Night in the 2020-21 season is not possible.

If season ticket holders are willing to donate their tickets back to the Kings to sell they will get a $5.00 credit per ticket towards their 2021-22 season tickets. 

"We know there are a lot of families that travel within the province for hockey, dance, curling and other activities throughout the winter, so if they are unable to come to the game or give their tickets away to friends the team would greatly appreciate them being donated back to sell" added Laughland.

If you'd like to donate your season ticket seats back to the Kings you can bring the tickets to the Speedy Glass South Ticket Office during office hours each week, you can FIND OFFICE HOURS HERE.