Kings Add To Board At AGM

The Dauphin Kings held their Annual General Meeting Thursday night in the Lion’s Den at the Parkland Rec Complex.

The evening saw the MJHL club add three new member to their board of directors.  

  • Cameron Abrey – Director of Billets
  • Rae Csversko – Co-Director of External Relations
  • Ray Lofgren – Director of Volunteers

Along with the additions, the Kings announced they made just over $19,000 last season which helps put a dent in their overall debt situation.

Kings Director of Marketing, Christian Laughland, presented the crowd with a video (on the home page of our website) along with a PowerPoint presentation on key items surround the team going into the 2016-17 campaign. 

Important Numbers In 2016 (Revenue)

  • Fundraising - $167,294
  • Game Night Revenue – $56,804
  • Sponsorship – $102,687
  • Ticket Sales – $147,563
  • Other Revenue – $16,699
  • TOTAL REVENUE – $491,047

Important Numbers In 2016 (Expenditures)

  • Administration – $78,493
  • Advertising – $20,426
  • Billets – $48,300
  • Dressing Room – $5,918
  • Equipment – $36,645
  • Occupancy – $31,602
  • Player Personnel – $19,155
  • Home Opener – $848
  • Team Travel – $64,102
  • Uncategorized – $55,853
  • Wages & Benefits – $110,673

Stay tuned in the coming days as the MJHL schedule gets closer to being finalized we’ll have an article and a run down of the important dates to look forward to!

Check back Friday morning at 11:00am for some more big announcements!

Below is more on Thursday night’s AGM with Kings President and Governor Randy Daley…

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